The Ontario and ISA Certified Arborists at Tim’s Tree Care inc. can walk around your property and discuss any questions you may have about future trees, existing trees and any possible problems they may have.


We are able to prune any size of tree from a small dogwood or Japanese maple to the largest maples and oaks in the area, front or rear yards. No bucket truck needed or spikes, as we climb trees theapproved and proper way using ropes and harnesses.

Cabling and Bracing:

If the need arises while pruning we can provide modern cabling and bracing techniques to help secure your tree.

Storm Damage:

Should the winds or snow and ice get the better of your tree we can help it along by removing broken and torn limbs.  As well we have plenty of experience removing trees from fences, cars and houses while trying to prevent any more damage.


Fertilizing can be provided if needed for trees which may be under stress from things such as new plantings, construction damage or other environmental stresses. We use a liquid fertilizer that is injected into the ground 8”-10” deep, spring or fall.


If need be, we can remove a dead, dying or hazardous tree from any location on your property.  With the use of some very strong ropes and proven rigging methods we have removed trees over such things as pools, houses and glass solariums.

Stump Grinding:

If grass or another tree is to be put in after the removal is complete we can get our stump grinder through a 36” gate with ease.


Tim’s Tree Care inc. can also provide a portable sawmill to turn your removal into reclaimed lumber, which you could then turn into a bench, table or other memento.

Firewood Sales:

With all the pruning and tree removals done throughout the seasons we cut and split a fair amount of both hardwood for home heat and softwood for campfire burning.

Wood Chips:

We create woodchips daily and are always looking for dump sites. We deliver wood chips free any where within the city of Stratford.

Block Wood Sales:

Cut and split your own firewood.  Sold by the bin (12' x 4' x 6').   6" diameter and up with various lengths. 519-273-2319